Labyrinth without end


“Labyrinth without end”

When does this labyrinth receive the end?
Are not you at all without the end?
Here is “Hell” of the name said, “Man boundary”.
It is the world filled with the desire with a lot of satans.

I am one man who travels around the world.

It was exhausted though it had kept traveling for a long time.
Isn’t there place rested somewhere?

Anyway, it became tired.
I do not want to think about anything now.
The mind and the body have been exhausted.

The rest might be impossible in me as long as this labyrinth doesn’t end.

Labyrinth without end…
I have not needed anything any longer if there is an end….

Please end!! Right now!!
Please end!! Right now!!
Please end!! Right now!!

Please put me out here right now….
Otherwise, please ring the death knell right now.

3 thoughts on “Labyrinth without end

  1. akko

    "Labyrinth without end"…果てしない迷宮?どうされたのですか?



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